who we are

Our Story

After selling his previous business in the Salesforce ecosystem, Ashish was looking for something new and exciting to do in the SaaS space. Navdeep, on the other hand, having been in the consulting business for years and having a panoramic view of customer pain points along with having run the largest compliance archive on Earth, was looking to leverage his expertise in the cloud while being keenly aware that AI will impact everything. Ashish and Nav decided to combined their energies to form a new company to work on ideas close at heart.


Building Capability

SynergyX works with your teams to build your in-house capability to undertake digital transformation challenges.


Integrated Solutions

SynergyX brings to the table proven and integrated solutions which conform to industry best practices and have the added advantage of years of experience of SynergyX team behind them.

How we came up with the name SynergyX?

The name embodies our essence and style of working. We believe that human collaboration is exponentially more synergistic as compared to competition. Our name conveys the spirit that we along with our stakeholders Synergize to create the X-factor solutions which are essential to thriving in these digitally disruptive times.

What is our Mission?

We wanted the business to contribute to the greater human well being. The current Digital transformation revolution is a fundamental wave which will change the way business is done forever and impact humans all over. Our mission is to be part of the transformation to a whole new level of human well being.

Case Studies

Synergize with Us to Solve Challenges

Our Services


If you are migrating to the cloud or would like to run your services more efficiently in the cloud, we can help you get started with the right foundation.

Artificial Intelligence

Our experts help you assess your options in the vast ecosystem of AI/Machine Learning technologies and help implement the right set to suit your business objectives.